David Blu(non-registered)
Hey Eric,

Thank you for helping me with my first set of head shots. You are a true professional and have a gift for photography. I am really looking forward to working with you in the future and wish you all the best... Toda Raba...

Dave Blu
John P. Argueta(non-registered)
Hi Eric. Great work you have on your site! Kudos to you.

I was browsing Zenfolios website examples and came across yours as I really like the clean look. It really makes the viewer focus on the images which is good because your work is pretty awesome!
Gorgeous work. Your use of bold color really stands out. Love your site :)
Nicole Conradt(non-registered)
Eric's natural talent & passion is spectacular! My agency for my hands, Body Parts Models love my new hand photos! They have been added to my profile. Thank you so much again, Eric! ;-)


Nicole Conradt
Hand Model
Kirsten Douds(non-registered)
If you have ever met this man immediately you will become aware of not only his level of talent but passion. His work truly comes from his heart and naturally that is why everything you see is as beautiful as it is. I had not just the pleasure but honor of working with him very recently. One might think I am being to fruitful with my compliments but I assure you there truly are not enough words to use to explain how talented he is. He managed to find the most beautiful place I've ever seen in my life for our photo shoot and was the most patient , kind, and inspiring photographer I've ever worked with. Literally working with him felt as though I was creating magic. And that is why everything you see in his portfolio captures not just your eyes but your heart as well. I assure you will never meet anyone like him and his work alone is just a glimpse into his inner artistic being. So if that doesn't tell you everything you need to know than you didn't read everything I said.
Jan KOVACS(non-registered)
You have everything you need but even more, imagination, creativity, technique ... and a great site. Congrats!
Sofi Niotto(non-registered)
A true Professional and artist who is able to capture shots that are nothing short of brilliant.
Absolutely love your "Action" shots - very inspiring work!!!! I've bookmarked your site and will visit often for inspiration - keep 'em coming!

Great theme on Zenfolio also - I'll be watching your work!
chae hill(non-registered)
The shots were BEAUTIFUL!
It's rare for a photographer to be able to capture the height of a movement - the apex of a jump or action - but you did it every time - talk about a natural ability to capture movement! I've already been showing the pics to people and the feedback has been overwhelming with responses like 'amazing lines/amazing location/who took these!' all your doing. Such a professional - both in your attitude and in your quality of work - very impressive!
THANK YOU! and I can't wait to work with you again =)

yvonne glenn(non-registered)
i LUV it!!!!
u are AMAZING!!!!
GREAT eye!!!
i luv the difference between chae's and my movement quality...
i am much more light and it shows also in the face,
chae is much more aggressive in his movement and it also reads on his face!
i like how my leg and chae's stilt on the ground is PERFECTLy splitting the center yellow double lines!!!
its a really great shot!!!
the tunnel itself is GREAT!!! WONDERFUL background!!! GREAT choice!!!

...you also did a great job of directing us and telling us exactly what u wanted!
direction and feedback from the photographer, DURING the shoot, makes ALL the difference!!
u show ur professionalism in working with your models and your finished product!!!

thank you for a great shoot!
can't wait to see them ALL!! :)

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